What Is Data Visualization?

What Is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the communication of data in a visual manner, or turning raw data into insights that can be easily interpreted by your readers.

Typically, data is visualized in the form of a chart, infographic, diagram or map. 

The field of data viz combines both art and data science. While a data visualization can be creative, it should also be functional in its visual communication of the data. 

Data Visualization

Why is data visualization important?

It’s hard to think of a commercial industry that doesn’t benefit from understanding the data more.

The way the human brain processes information makes it easier to use charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data than to drill holes in spreadsheets or reports.

In addition, the better you can state your points in a dashboard or slide deck, the better you can take advantage of that information.

Data visualization is quick and easy way to convey concepts.

It can also identify the areas that need attention or improvement.

Data visualization can be used for:

  • Making data engaging and easily digestible
  • Identifying trends and outliers within a set of data
  • Telling a story found within the data
  • Reinforcing an argument or opinion
  • Highlighting the important parts of a set of data

Common general types of data visualization:

  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Maps
  • Infographics
  • Dashboards

Benefits of Data Visualization

  1. Simple sharing of data

Instead of sharing bulky information, visual data sharing goes beyond and absorbs more data.

2. Faster Decision Making

As we know, information is large in volume so human need time to understand it and take one decision. But, data viz makes it easy for us.

3. Better Understanding

Numerous times in business it happens that you have to look at the performance of two factors or two situations.

The traditional approach is to experience the details of both situations and then examine them.

4. Accurate analysis

Data viz can do accurate analysis of the collected data than any person.

Drawbacks of Data Visualization

  1. It gives assessment not exactness

While the information is exact, the perception of similar just gives the assessment.

2. One-sided

The necessary arrangement of information representation arises with the human interface, which means that the information on which it is based can be one-sided.

3. Absence of help

One downside to information retention is that it can’t help, i.e. an alternative gathering of the crowd can unravel it in unexpected ways.

4. Wrong engaged individuals can skip center messages

One of the issues with information perception is however it could be logical its clearness in clarification is totally subject to the focal point of its crowd.  


In conclusion, we need data visualization because the human brain is not well equipped to devour so much raw, unorganized information. And then, turn it into something usable and understandable.

In short, in this article, we have learnt about what is data visualization, why we need it and more.

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