Big Data and Information Privacy - A Future Challenge

Big Data and Information Privacy – A Future Challenge

One should consider information privacy in big data as a serious issue after the recent data leaks in Dominos after Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

Big data is very popular in various fields because of its applications, ease of access and accuracy.

But, the recent incidents show the ease with which the information can be misused.

In addition, the negative impact of big data has reached huge industries, like in the case of retail and banking.

Moreover, information Privacy in Big Data can influence even voter behavior and in extension alter our Governments.

It can make a huge impact in a democratic country like India.

As politics is emerging as a major market for data analytics firms. Cambridge Analytica was involved in helping politicians understand the behavior of voters through data (later found to be stolen).

Big data and Information privacy

Challenges to big data and Information privacy

  1. Transaction Details
  2. Firewall
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Security Tips
  5. Monthly Security Patch

To control the misuse of people’s data, the government should set relevant criteria to control the influence of companies.

Firstly, government should set up IT act/rules which will regulate companies to take minimum and required data from the users and delete it when not required.

Data must only be used with the consent of the user.

Also, they should give accurate information about what information will be used from user’s profile.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, companies will always take our data. Some of them will misuse it or use against the user for benefits.

It is our responsibility to check what permissions a particular app takes.

As advertising companies always rely on big data companies we should be careful while giving access.

We should make a quick audit of privacy every month.

For this, we can use virtual private network which helps to hide your IP address and physical location while encrypting your internet traffic.

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