In the beginning of coding ,the learner always have doubt which language to choose java or python, c ,c++ or java script.this one uestion always eats our head.

Java is the most popular, widely used object-oriented programming language. The security feature of Java makes it popular and widely used.

By using Java, we can develop a variety of applications such as enterprise applications, network applications, desktop applications, web applications, games, android app, and many more. 

 Python is an object-oriented (based around data), high-level (easier for humans to understand) programming language. 

If you’re wondering who uses Python, you’ll find that many of the biggest organisations in the world implement it in some form. NASA, Google, Netflix, Spotify, and countless more all use the language to help power their services. 

Which language to choose java or python t all depends on the learner.

Applications of java language:

  • Mobile App Development: The Java programming language can be considered as the official language for mobile application development. The most popular android app development IDE Android Studio also uses Java for developing android applications. 
  • Desktop GUI Applications: We can also develop a GUI application using Java. Java provides AWTJavaFX, and Swing for developing the GUI based desktop application
  • Web-based Applications: It is also used for developing the web-based application because it provides vast support for web development through ServletJSP, and Struts. It is the reason that Java is also known as a server-side programming language.
  • Gaming Applications: Java is widely used by game development companies because it has the support of the open-source most powerful 3D engine. The engine provides unparalleled capacity when it comes to the context of the designing of 3D games. The most popular games developed in Java are Minecraft, Mission Impossible III, etc. 
  • Big Data Technologies: As many programming languages are available for Big Data Technology but still Java is the first choice for the same. The tool Hadoop HDFS platform for processing and storing big data applications is written in Java. 
  • Distributed Applications: The JINI (Java Intelligent Networking Infrastructure) provides the infrastructure to register and find distributed services based on its specification.
  • Cloud-based Applications: A cloud application is the on-demand availability of IT resources via the internet. The cloud-based application provides the service at a low cost. Java provides the environment to develop cloud-based applications. 
  • IoT Applications: For developing the IoT application there is a lot of programming languages that can be used but Java offers an edge to developers that is unparalleled.

Applications of python language:

1. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning : Because Python is such a stable, flexible, and simple programming language, it’s perfect for various machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) projects. 

2. Data analytics:  Much like AI and machine learning, data analytics is another rapidly developing field that utilises Python programming.

3. Data visualisation: Data visualisation is another popular and developing area of interest. Python provides a variety of graphing libraries with all kinds of features. 

4. Programming applications: You can program all kinds of applications using Python. The general-purpose language can be used to read and create file directories, create GUIs and APIs, and more.

5. Web development: Python is a great choice for web development. This is largely due to the fact that there are many Python web development frameworks to choose from, such as Django, Pyramid, and Flask.

6. Game development: t’s possible to create simple games using the programming language, which means it can be a useful tool for quickly developing a prototype.

7. Language development: The simple and elegant design of Python and its syntax means that it has inspired the creation of new programming languages. Languages such as Cobra, CoffeeScript, and Go all use a similar syntax to Python. 

8. Finance: Python is increasingly being utilised in the world of finance, often in areas such as quantitative and qualitative analysis.

9. SEO: Python uses is in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO). It’s an area that often benefits from automation, which is certainly possible through Python.  

10. Design: Python can be used to develop graphic design applications.  Python is even used in 3D animation software such as Lightwave, Blender, and Cinema 4D, showing just how versatile the language is. 


The language to be choose, always depends on the learner how he/she take it. but python is easy to code when compared to java. starting with easier ones, always builds the interest and helps in learning rather then tough ones.

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