Best Programming Language for Web Development...

Best Programming Language for Web Development…

In this blog, we will show you the best programming language for web development.

In this technological era, technical skills are required in all areas at this time. There are many languages.

we now live with technology and as a result, technical skills are required in all sectors at this time.

Also, we will see their pros and cons based in various stats and facts.

Programming languages for web development :

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. PHP
  5. C

1. JavaScript

JavaScript programming language for web developmentfor web development

We can say currently JavaScript is most trending programming language for web development.

Along with HTML and CSS, it forms the basis of front- end web development by allowing the creation of interactive elements.

At the same time, the developers can also use cross-platform runtime engines like Node.js to write server-side code in JavaScript.

Pros of Javascript:
  • Rapid development
  • Client-side execution
 Cons of Javascript:
  • Bit of slow execute
  • Code always visible

2. Python

Python Programming language for web development

It is a well known language for creating artificial intelligence and machine learning based web applications.

It has good framework. The most popular web development frameworks for python include Django, Flask, Pyramid, Web2Py and TurboGears.

Pros of Python: 
  • Easy to use and enjoyable to learn
  • Supports multiple platforms and systems
Cons of Python:
  • Python is not native to mobile environment
  • We can’t use Python to build a high-graphic 3D game

3. Java

Java Programming Language for web development

We know, Java is OOP programming language. It is not mainly used for web development.

In a nutshell, when it comes to how each programing language is used, it is typically used for all server-side development.

Pros of Java:
  • A good start for studying to think like a developer
  • A high-level language with a mild learning curve and simple syntax
 Cons of Java:
  • Lots of new vocabulary to learn
  • Poor performance

4. PHP


PHP is a general purpose web development language that is one of the most popular server-side scripting tools based on HTML.

It has many advantages like modules and libraries which insure dynamic software development.

For these reasons, we often use PHP to write content management systems and websites.

 Pros of PHP:
  • Open-source
  • Very popular for web applications
Cons of PHP:
  • Learners must have a basic knowledge of HTML
  • Runs a bit slowly than other programming languages

5. C language

It is one of the oldest and yet commonly used language in web development.

It is a middle-level programming language that is versatile since it can be used for developing embedded systems.

And, it is basis for the Linux operating system.

Pros of C:
  • Structured programming language
  • Building block for other languages
Cons of C:
  • No OOP concept
  • No code-reuse

Conclusion :

We can say, JavaScript is better than Python for web development. There is only one simple reason for that it is :

JavaScript runs in the browser while Python is a backend-server-side language.

Therefore, we can use Python to some extent to build a website, it cannot be used alone.

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