The choice between Python and Java?

java Language is a vital part of the faculty of human kind. Its powerful aspect for communication which makes everyday life activities go around.

Similarly, computers have their language too through which programmers (developers) communicate with computer programs.

This programming language consists a set of commands, codes and instructions to design a software in computers.

Opting for the apt programming language is significant as well as difficult.

Especially, when there are so many to choose from which are almost equally good.

Most of the developers today are in dilemma to choose between the two most used languages- JAVA OR PYTHON?

These both have been in stiff competition for the peak spot. These both have done commendable throughout these years but are differentiated by minute features.



Java is a class-based programming language and an object-oriented one that has very few implementation dependencies as possible.

  • It has its advantages as being verbose, well structured.
  • Java is better for larger codes as it is quite easy to write and easy to run.
  • Java can be used in one single computer or can be distributed across servers.
  • It is used for android mobile applications as well as desktop applications that use different operating systems.

With many disadvantages, Java has certain disadvantages as:

  • Many developers opt for other languages over java as it works slow, compared to new programming languages.
  • Boilerplate, the codes that are repeated in multiple places with no variation has to lead to the decline of the use of this language.
  • Programmers have to write hefty amounts of code to accomplish a minute function and hence, verbosity here proves as a disadvantage for Java.

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language and an interpreted one.

  • Python being a dynamic and general purposed language is used widely even by budding programmers which is the most important advantage of it.
  • It is an economic win as it reduces the cost of program maintenance.
  • Python uses simple syntax making it almost similar to English.
  • Since it is syntactically easy, beginners find it comfortable for machine learning. A number of organizations use it for machine learning.


Now, this question has troubled many as both the languages have been used worldwide by major organizations, institutions and web developers.

Though giving tough competition to each other, Python has proven to be the fastest growing and most visited programming language.

This language designed by Guido van Rossum is used for many purposes- machine learning, data analysis, application development, data science, but so can other languages. What sets Python apart from others?

Stack Overflow, the hub of programmers has stated that Python has been by far the most visited tag on the site. Stack Overflow has over 40 million visitors out of which 16.8 million are professional developers.

The Forbes’ report from 2018 states that Python showed a massive 456%  growth in the year 2018. 

Pandas, a Python package is the fastest growing software library- another Stack Overflow statement. Year over year not just the high income countries but in non-high-income countries Python is still the fastest growing major language since 2014.

According to a research of SlashData, Python is one of the world’s most popular computer languages.

Python’s Future.

Python makes to the top 5 list of programming languages. Artur Yolchan, a senior software engineer and owner of Coding Skills says:

“Python will probably be the most favorite programming language of 2021”.

Over a span of 25 years Python has reached a level that is high above other programming languages and it promises an even rising future along with addition of new technology.

 It has become the favorite of the coding industry.

With easier to learn syntax, widely used in machine learning and frequently used for data analyzing, Python can be used for personal as well as organizational purpose and this  promises a bright future for this quick growing programming language.

Java vs Python

SyntaxEasy to learn and useSyntax is complex to learn and use
PerformanceSlower than Java Relatively fast
Game Development EnginesYes, Cocos, Panda3dYes MonkeyEngine
Java Vs Python


Java is comparatively faster, but Python is better for lengthy programs. Python is widely used.  So yes, there are plenty of areas where Python should probably will, improve. So I would recommend go with Python.

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